I Am Miso, Hear Me Roar!

I started working in Fremont, California when I moved back from LA. My coworkers and I found some abandoned kittens behind the facility where we worked. Our staff member took them home to nurse them to health, and they eventually found their forever homes with […]

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Taiwan circa 2012 – A Preview

Somewhere, deep into the archives of my computer, is the remainder to this collection. This will have to do for now. This was the trip that really inspired me to take up photography again – that hobby had been stagnant since my high school days. […]


Delicious Ginger Black Tea.

This is just a collection closeups of ingredients for Ginger Black Tea, a treat my student’s mom used to make for me when I went over to teach piano lessons during the wintertime. It’s a delicious tea she made when she lived in India when […]


A Thousand Sunsets

This collection was taking circa September 19, 2012, where I just moved back from the bustling city of Los Angeles back home to the Bay Area two years before. Searching for friends, and new places to explore, I found a small hill behind the local community […]


Starting new.

I’m rebranding my blog. Deleted all my old entries. My main focus now is my photography. I felt like I’ve come so far and am quite proud of my work. So here, I will chronicle my work.