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My element. I’m not really one to follow zodiac signs, but I do find these traits and qualities very interesting and certainly very accurate. I’m not sure how they know, but I am water. I am Cancer.

853cd4c73b84b970e4c8b30177d8d126Water elements are most sensitive and intuitive. The element of water is in touch with the source of creation and can sense that we, too,  are a part of this divine birthplace. Water signs are incredibly empathic and can feel the emotions of others.

Water can also drown in another person’s emotional abyss if not careful because water has no boundaries. It soaks into us. Think about it. The element of Water can conform to the elements around it. When mixed with fire, it creates steam, with earth it creates mud and with air it creates rain.

Water has no shape or permanent ability to remain solid. For this reason, water functions at its best when allowed to remain fluid. In fact, the power of water should not be underestimated. Water can extinguish fire, wash away earth and saturate the atmosphere so completely that it stops wind in its tracks.

Water has unlimited emotional depth and is self-contained. Water is also self-protective. If provoked, it won’t lose a battle with any other element. It prefers to do whatever it takes to guard itself from outside influence. This guarantees a serene place for personal reflection and insight.

Cancer will express the element of water to pursue emotional security and to nurture and protect that which it feels most deeply connected to.

Cardinal Water – Ruled by the Moon – Rules the 4th House

Cancers are one of t6266a54d84ef0f6b87c848e6bf6d37ca.jpghe most intuitivesensitive signs of the zodiac. Their instincts are so acute, it’s sometimes downright eerie. Cancer can put into words what your’e feeling, when you don’t even realize what was going on deep down inside to begin with.

Razor sharp in their perception, yet tender and fragile in their self-protection, Cancers have been called the most creative sign, and also the most insecure. The creative potential and sensitivity in Cancer comes from the combination for the Moon’s rulership, but also the fact that Cancer is a water sign.

Cancer has this pattern of nurturing anything that isn’t capable of caring for itself with amazing tenderness and ambition. While it’s easy to picture a Cancerian around the home fires, don’t forget that Cancer is a Cardinal sign. This gives them incredible drive and leadership ability. You will find Cancer nurturing their career or a pet project, just as much as you might find them nurturing children, family, pets, or their infamous mood swings.

For all their capacity to nurture and care for others, Cancer has the life lessons of learning how to nurture without smothering and also how to nurture their own deep, sensitive soul.

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